2020 Achievements

Sahal Post and Logistics has achieved tremendous achievement in last year. More than 800 orders locally and internationally have been shipped to/from Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, Uk, Malaysia, India and Uganda.

83% of the orders reached their final destinations within the agreed time and date while the 17% others were affected by the COVID 19 movement restriction which led shipments to be delayed in the airports due to the cleaning and inspections of the consignment. Our local customers in East Africa were very satisfied with our tracking and other different notifications of their shipments.

33% of the shipment final destinations were from and to Somalia, 15% were shipped from China to Somalia, and 14% of the consignments were in Kenya. This does not mean that our focus was only mainly to Somalia, China and Kenya. Sahal Post promises its customers free hassle delivery of their shipments.

Our goal of customer satisfaction is delivery efficiently, relentlessly, on time and to the customer’s home or work place.

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