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Our Story

Founded in the mid of 2019, Sahal Post and Logistics was established to fulfill the growing need of utilizing resourcefully technology in the 21st century

And provide customers with a wide range of innovative transportation and logistical technologies to support the smoothly running businesses and personal needs, we provide you to make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

is to give our customers innovative, secure, and convenient e- logistical customer-tailored solutions that meet their respective needs and expectations.


Sahal Post and Logistics have a wide range of e-fulfilment solutions to provide domestic and international shipping, parcel pick-up, delivery and return management services for the B2B segment. We facilitate the highest level of services by integrating our delivery system with the best technology platforms including but not limited to:

  • Online tracking shipment tracking
  • Mobile applications that customers can track their shipments and request new services
  • Mobile Text messages delivery notifications
  • Transportation of goods geo-positioning
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Profesional labeling with clear information about the packages

Be it a start-up or an established business, our services are designed to facilitate order fulfilment processes for companies right from producing and orders to deliver to the end consumers.

In addition to this, we also excel in products returns management services. In short, Sahal’s holistic e-fulfilment services meet every standard that is expected from an international parcel delivery services company.


Sahal post and logistics offers a wide range of innovative transportation and logistical technologies to support your business and personal needs, we provide you to make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. 

Our services can be easily applied to a variety of business models across varying industries between parcel packaging and transportation of goods.Shipments as quickly as possible will be delivered by using our services for urgent door-to-door dropping. With our services you can ship and send your packages, large or small, to anywhere in Somalia and everywhere in the work with following electronic services:

  • Online tracking shipment tracking
  • Mobile applications that customers can track their shipments and request new services
  • Mobile Text messages,
  • Transportation of goods geo-positioning
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Profesional labeling with clear information about the packages

Being one of the best-known International and national courier service companies in Somalia, Sahal has a large dedicated vision of offering e-Commerce services delivery to Domestic and International customers. we also offer them a vast array of solutions. Our offerings include smart and efficient e – services between parcel packaging and transportation of goods from continent to Continent, Country to country, port to port, city to city and village to village.


Sahal Post and Logistics well known domestic courier service provider in Somalia and offers door-to-door, secure and cost-effective services to the business people and others.

Our wide range of logistical and transportation offerings are tailor-made to meet the client’s requirements and capacity. We offer services which require a high level of security like a Credit Card, Passports, Documents, gifts, electronic devices including mobiles, laptops gifts and, clothes and all other personal and business products. We support and provide local business groups to deliver their products and services to their clients on time.

In addition to this, our customer satisfaction service delivery experts handle all your products carefully and deliver them on time. With our automated tracking system in place, it becomes extremely convenient to track shipments and facilitate smooth pick-up and delivery management.

  • Road Freight
    Road freight provides flexible regional transport, with expert skills in crossing border procedures, type of product and priority shipment handled.
  • This is for individual or consolidation loads in perishable products as well as general cargo. Our own fleet enables us to control schedules and delivery priorities that we commit to.
  • Leading international partners enable us to provide similar service levels in the region if required. Our local dedicated fleet of vehicles is all equipped and designed for the specialist applications, therefore ensuring that we provide superior service levels and quick, accurate delivery. Your goods will reach their destination without incident and you will be able to follow them every step of the way.

Documents Shipments

Our Electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) provides you with online Access to all your order´s shipment documents.  Sahal Post provides INGOs, UN and other humanitarian organization the delivery of documents to their offices, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Procurement Logistics

Sahal Post Procurement logistics deals with all logistic tasks concerning the low of good´s preparation, execution, and monitoring from supplier to recipient. 

Depending on the agreed terms, the range of control can cover the whole process, from delivery of products to receipt and acceptance of goods, product testing, initial warehousing, and internal transport to the place of consumption.


Sahal Post and Logistics provide worldwide transportation of goods delivery services of the cross -border and continental transactions involving the movement of e-Commerce/Express parcels, documents, and international freight forwarding services.

We offer the most efficient and optimum door-to-door services for import and export of goods, documents, parcels, and cargo. Our delivery options are designed to suit the customer’s needs, package size, budget, and timelines.

Our e-services customized solutions offer benefits like flexibility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities (Custom Clearances), and real-time tracking information. For sending a courier from China to Somalia, Gifts to Somalia, parcel or document from Africa to Europe, or cross-border express parcel services, trust us for hassle-free delivery services.

To bridge the complex,  Sahal Post and Logistics as a freight forwarder is an expert and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial matters, modes of transport, import and export processes, and regulations, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to the delivery destination. This service is provided from a single service point and executed and supported by specialized and dedicated teams and staff that ensure your peace of mind.

  • Air Freight
    Airfreight remains the premium form of transport when the requirement is for rapid international delivery, exact arrival times for order fulfilment and products with limited life. With vast experience in the entire air cargo industry, Sahal ensures space availability when you need it most. We are a reputable, creditworthy company with accounts at all cargo airlines.
  • Sea Freights
    Cargo transportation by sea is today´s most economical way of hauling intercontinental wares all over the globe. Sahal Logistics offers its customers a complete sea freight procedure through an international network and with local contact services.
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