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Our Story

Sahal Post and Logistics were founded in the middle of 2018 to meet the rising demand for creative use of technology in the twenty-first century.

We provide our customers a diverse choice of innovative transportation and logistics solutions to support the smooth operation of their enterprises and personal requirements. We can help you make your business more productive and boost customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Provide creative, secure, and convenient e-logistical customer-tailored solutions that match their specific needs and expectations.


Sahal Post and Logistics offers a variety of e-fulfillment solutions for the B2B market, including local and international shipping, package pick-up, delivery, and return management. We provide the greatest quality of service by combining our delivery system with the top technological platforms, which include, but are not limited to:


  • Online tracking of shipments
  • Customers can use mobile applications to track their shipments and request new services.
  • Notifications of mobile text message delivery
  • Geo-positioning of products in transportation
  • Electronic delivery confirmation
  • Labeling that is professional and contains clear information about the items

Whether you are a start-up or an established firm, our services are designed to help companies with their order fulfillment operations, from production and orders through delivery to end customers.

In addition, we excel in product returns management services. In short, Sahal’s comprehensive e-fulfillment services exceed every expectation that an international package delivery services organization has.


Sahal post and logistics offers a wide range of innovative transportation and logistical technologies to support your business and personal needs, we provide you to make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. 

Our services are easily applicable to a wide range of company models in industries ranging from parcel packing to freight transportation. Shipments will be delivered as soon as possible by utilizing our services for urgent door-to-door delivery. You may ship and deliver your packages, large or little, to anyplace in Somalia and elsewhere in the world using the following technological services:

  • Online tracking shipment tracking
  • Mobile applications that customers can track their shipments and request new services
  • Mobile Text messages,
  • Transportation of goods geo-positioning
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Profesional labeling with clear information about the packages

Being one of the best-known International and national courier service companies in Somalia, Sahal has a large dedicated vision of offering e-Commerce services delivery to Domestic and International customers. we also offer them a vast array of solutions. Our offerings include smart and efficient e – services between parcel packaging and transportation of goods from continent to Continent, Country to country, port to port, city to city and village to village.


Sahal Post and Logistics is a well-known domestic courier service provider in Somalia, providing businesspeople and others with door-to-door, safe, and cost-effective services.

Our extensive logistics and transportation options are tailored to the client’s needs and capabilities. We provide services that demand a high level of protection, such as credit cards, passports, documents, presents, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, gifts, and clothing, as well as all other personal and corporate items. We assist and supply local business organizations with the timely delivery of their products and services to their clientele.

Furthermore, our customer satisfaction service delivery professionals handle all of your items with care and deliver them on time. With our automated tracking system in place, tracking shipments and facilitating efficient pick-up and delivery management becomes exceedingly simple

Road Transport

  • Road freight provides flexible regional transportation, with professional knowledge of border crossing protocols, product type, and priority cargo handling.
    This applies to both individual and consolidated loads of perishable goods as well as general cargo. We can manage the timetables and delivery priorities that we commit to since we operate our own fleet.
  • If necessary, we can supply comparable service levels in the region thanks to our strong international partners. Our local specialized fleet of trucks is fully equipped and developed for specialized applications, assuring exceptional service standards and timely, precise delivery. Your items will arrive safely at their destination, and you will be able to track them every step of the way.

Documents Shipments

Our Electronic POD (Proof of Delivery) service gives you online access to all of the shipment documentation for your order. Sahal Post delivers papers to INGOs, UN agencies, and other humanitarian organizations on a national, regional, and worldwide scale.

Procurement Logistics

Sahal Post Procurement Logistics is in charge of all logistical duties relating to the planning, execution, and monitoring of goods from supplier to receiver.
Depending on the conditions of the agreement, the scope of control can include the whole process, from product delivery through reception and acceptance of goods, product testing, initial warehousing, and internal transport to the point of consumption.


Sahal Post and Logistics offers worldwide products delivery services for cross-border and continental transactions involving the movement of e-Commerce/Express packages, documents, and international freight forwarding services.

We provide the most effective and efficient door-to-door services for the import and export of products, papers, packages, and cargo. Our shipping solutions are tailored to the demands, package size, budget, and schedules of our customers.

Flexibility, predetermined transit time, comprehensive information on declarations and authorities (Custom Clearances), and real-time tracking information are all features of our e-services bespoke solutions. Trust us for hassle-free delivery services whether you’re sending a courier from China to Somalia, gifts to Somalia, a box or document from Africa to Europe, or cross-border rapid parcel services.

Sahal Post and Logistics, as a freight forwarder, is a professional and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial affairs, modes of transportation, import and export processes, and laws, as well as the most efficient route planner from supplier to delivery destination. This service is delivered from a single point of contact, and it is carried out and supported by professional and committed teams and personnel who assure your peace of mind.

Air Freight
When it comes to expedited international delivery, precise arrival timings for order fulfillment, and items with a short shelf life, air freight remains the preferred mode of shipping. Sahal assures space availability when you need it most, thanks to its extensive knowledge in the whole air freight market. We are a well-known, creditworthy firm having accounts with all major cargo carriers.
Sea Freights
Cargo transportation by water is becoming the most cost-effective method of transporting transcontinental goods throughout the world. Sahal Logistics provides full marine freight service to its customers via a worldwide network and local contact services.