Sahal Post supports its customers with international logistic services

Sahal Post and Logistics provide worldwide transportation of goods delivery services of the cross -border and continental transactions involving the movement of e-Commerce/Express parcels, documents, and international freight forwarding services.

We offer the most efficient and optimum door-to-door services for import and export of goods, documents, parcels, and cargo. Our delivery options are designed to suit the customer’s needs, package size, budget, and timelines.

Our e-services customized solutions offer benefits like flexibility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities (Custom Clearances), and real-time tracking information. For sending a courier from China to Somalia, Gifts to Somalia, parcel or document from Africa to Europe, or cross-border express parcel services, trust us for hassle-free delivery services.

To bridge the complex,  Sahal Post and Logistics as a freight forwarder is an expert and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial matters, modes of transport, import and export processes, and regulations, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to the delivery destination. This service is provided from a single service point and executed and supported by specialized and dedicated teams and staff that ensure your peace of mind.

  • Air Freight
    Airfreight remains the premium form of transport when the requirement is for rapid international delivery, exact arrival times for order fulfilment and products with limited life. With vast experience in the entire air cargo industry, Sahal ensures space availability when you need it most. We are a reputable, creditworthy company with accounts at all cargo airlines.
  • Sea Freights
    Cargo transportation by sea is today´s most economical way of hauling intercontinental wares all over the globe. Sahal Logistics offers its customers a complete sea freight procedure through an international network and with local contact services.
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